Cherished Voicemails

The last call my grandma made to me, and I missed it.

Every Christmas my Dad always purchased the largest tree he could find even when there weren’t presents to go under it. Somedays I really just need to hear him say I love you.

Last Happy Birthday From My Dad Before COVID Stole Him in 2020

Das saying happy bday

I was told a secret this week from a granddaughter who still calls her grandfather's answering machine to hear his voice. He died in Iraq last year. Hearing his voice made me smile/cry. He was a proud Marine. She said. She gave me permission to share the number and later asked me to pass along my thanks to everyone who called, listened, and left a "sweat message" about loss or healing.

My Dad sent this message to me over Facebook Messenger the night before I was supposed to fly home from a trip to Paris. He died last year. I listen to this message every time I fly now.


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