Cherished Voicemails

Grandpa weather

Last message from grams

Thinking of you

Best friend

Love your guts


My StepDad, he chose me as his daughter

Birthday msg from Memaw

Dad sings me happy birthday. He died in 2020 and I listen to this every day, just to hear his voice. I'm now 60

Best friends leave the best voicemails

My Step-Dad was like a father to me. He got cancer and died a month after diagnosis. It was tragic and heartbreaking. I listen to his simple voicemails just to hear his voice. I don’t want to forget what he sounded like.

My mom after a brain injury wishing me a happy birthday. She’s gone now.

The last time my grandparents sang happy birthday to me. This is saved from 2016

My biological father forgot he had children once my parents divorced. My stepfather became my DAD. He showed me what a real dad/father was like. I was terrible to him as a kid, but as I grew up I realized he was the best man ever in my life. He passed away 6 years ago and this voicemail was the last one he left me before he died. I treasure it.

Last Voicemail From My Dad. I was having surgery that day and my dad was headed to the city for his cancer treatment. I realized I didn’t have any voicemails from him so I didn’t answer. He passed the following month.

My son’s last voicemail to me. He was found laying in a parking lot next to his scooter. His partner of 5 years had just kicked him out of their home, and was going to shut off his phone. He had nowhere to go. I lived thousands of miles away…💔😢


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