Cherished Voicemails

CWC my late husband he died 2 years ago.

Grandpa & Grandpa – Happy Birthday

Just a simple message from my Step-Dad

My first voicemail from Adam from 2015. We had just started dating. He died in 2021; 6 years together and a son. I miss his voice. I miss all of him.

Why I got sober.

My Zeide Happy Bday from Heaven

Dad’s Last Voicemail

My brother and dad saying goodbye after they dropped me off at college

Died a month later

Happy Father’s Day!

My stepfather on my birthday before he died

From my grandma before she passed

Granny Doris with Love

Who’d have thought a silent heart attack would be right around the corner…

Grandma loves us.

This is my son when he got his first phone almost 4 years ago. I love that I have his cute little 12 year old voice saved. Pretty soon he鈥檒l be off to college. I love him so much!!


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