The Early Days of PostSecret

About the exhibition

Welcome to the first exhibition in the Digital Museum of Secrets! These postcards are the first ever mailed to PostSecret in 2004 and 2005. Do they look different visually? Are there common themes two decades later? How will the secret evolve two decades from today?

Looking back at the early days

Frank Warren, creator of PostSecret.com welcomes you to this first exhibition in our brand new Digital Museum of Secrets

Stories from the community

These secrets were shared on an answering machine we set-up for anonymous messages.

Just another american teenager

This is what I tell everyone about myself, to make myself more interesting

Changing lifes

Thank you for saving my life

I recorded this about 10 times

Is taking a hell of a lot of courage to send this in

The Very first PostSecret Exhibition at Artomatic in 2005.

Most of these hanging secrets were made from postcards I handed out in Washington DC. You can see how right from the start people incorporated drawings, pictures, graphics, and other art to further convey the emotion behind the confession.

From the early archives

Scroll through this early version of the PostSecret blog. 800,000,000+ views and 17 years later, still extraordinary secrets and no paid advertisements.

A project before PostSecret

Before PostSecret, I worked on two other postcard art projects. “Reluctant Oracle” was about wonder. You can still search the web and find newspaper articles and TV news segments about the mysterious bottles of Clopper Lake. Here is one segment that appeared on the FOX affiliated in Washington, DC. The other postcard art project I worked on before that was in Paris and based on a lucid dream. More on that to come…