The PostSecret Digital Museum of Secrets is collection of secrets, stories, videos and more that have been shared by the PostSecret community.

Like other museums, the contents of the PostSecret Digital Museum will be published as multiple exhibitions with different topics. We’re starting with “The Early Days of PostSecret” exhibitions, and there are many more to come.

What is PostSecret?

Here’s a special from CBS Sunday Morning that talks about the project: PostSecret.com, what it is about, how it started, how it’s growing, and most importantly: the impact it’s had and keeps having on the people it reaches.

PostSecret Headquarters

This was the original PostSecret headquarters. If you look carefully you can find the original PostSecret mailbox, Bill Gates mugshot, and Shadow. From my basement in Germantown, the pyramid of postcards went to the Smithsonian, and are now at the Museum of Us in San Diego. If you have an idea for where they should go next, let me know.