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    In the words of my father: "Life goes on"

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    I had to do the same thing with a part (a small one I stole) of dad's ashes in a river, the river beside the small city where he was born. I felt relieved that I could make what he wanted me to do, but I flet my heart breaking into pieces while I left in the wind and in the water the last part of his physical body. I send you a hug.

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    During trout fishing trips to a place my dad found, we spread his ashes at places he wanted. We always had a group of people. In that way, we were able to release him together, and know that we can always return there and fish "with" him.

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    I took some of my husband’s ashes and put them into the water, too. It was hard then (7 years ago), but now I feel him close to me anytime I’m near a body of water, and it’s truly comforting.

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    I still have his ashes almost 10 years later. I don't know what to do 🙁

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    Like out of a bad comedy, the wind got us (my brothers and me) when we spread my dad's ashes. There was also some bone fragments so I kept a piece (I feel like I need to indicate a little shrug here). Grieving is kind of a forever thing – be gentle to yourself.

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