Valentine’s Day

About the exhibition

Have you ever harbored a passionate, sweet, erotic, or romantic secret about another? Maybe someone is holding one about you right now. See Valentine’s Day secrets and even a proposal in this special collection.

Valentine Secrets

Prepare to see some surprising secrets from the heart!

I like to give valentines to people who least expect them

Stories from the community

For this exhibition, I searched through a special archive of PostSecret emails to find messages related to Valentine’s Day.

Which of these stories resonates most with your heart? I have a favorite – but I’m keeping that a secret.


I sent a postsecret postcard with a drawing of my fiance asleep and a message about changing the alarm to spend more time with her. She found it before I mailed it and now we spend more time together while awake too.

Alarm setter

I’m hiding pictures of us from the past 13 years under shelves and behind drawers.

My ex-wife takes half the furniture next week. When she finds them years from now, I hope they break her heart.

Thanks, Frank.

I build family furniture as a hobby and hidden forever in the joinery are little loves notes to my wife.

Hobbist in love


Two weeks ago I was placed in a psych ward for attempting to take my own life. I was sitting alone until another boy came up to me a simply said “You’re not the most fucked up person anymore”. Everyone was just like me, dealing with some kind of issue. For the first time in my life I didn’t feel like I was the only one dealing with these things. I felt normal.

Thanks for the secret

“It’s time for us to take a chance.”

My boyfriend and I knew we had to do something important or else our relationship would fall apart.

So we took markers and wrote our deepest secrets on the backs of each other.

I never read his secrets, and he never read mine, but the perilousness of such close contact between us and the other’s demons was what we needed to save our relationship.

Thank you.
Taking a chance

There should be a day, every year — a new holiday: Tell Them Day. A day when we all, together, gather Braveness in our hands and Run (yes! i love you, ‘Run, run, run’ emailer!) to those we love silently, and Sing.

we are here for so short a time. i am leaving to tell him right after i click “send.”

PostSecret on Valentine’s Day.

A PostSecret music video with romantic secrets produced by FiremanCreatrive, edited by Jim DiSpirito, with music by Donora.


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A Message from Dad

My Dad sent me this message the night before I was supposed to fly home from a trip to Paris. He died last year. I listen to this message every time I fly now

From Grandpa

She still calls her grandfather's answering machine to hear his voice. He died in Iraq last year

It's mom

We still have so much to talk about 馃尮

His last voicemail

My biological father forgot he had children once my parents divorced. My stepfather became my DAD. He showed me what a real dad/father was like. I was terrible to him as a kid, but as I grew up I realized he was the best man ever in my life. He passed away 6 years ago and this voicemail was the last one he left me before he died. I treasure it.