Father’s Day

About the exhibition

On Father’s Day, I always give my dad a holiday card, but some of the courageous secrets shared in this exhibition express my complex relationship with my dad much better than Hallmark ever could.

Stories from the Community

From Grandpa

I was told a secret by a young woman who still calls her grandfather's answering machine to hear his voice. He died in the Iraq war. "Hearing his voice makes me smile and cry. He was a proud Marine." She said.

Before flying

My Dad sent this message to me over Facebook Messenger the night before I was supposed to fly home from a trip to Paris… He died last year. I listen to this message every time I fly now

I wish I could remember my dad's voice
After 27 years my wife left me for another man that fulfilled her emotional needs, I know I wasn't perfect but I didn't deserve to be discarded like that. This Sunday, Fathers Day, will be my last. Sorry kids
There were very dark times after my divorce. I had even picked the date but little things here and there pulled me back from the bring. Time & family helped ease the pain and allowed me to see that there was more of life to live.

Family Photo – A story in four parts

I only hope I'm as cool as my dad when I'm 65

A way to remember them

Last Christmas Card


I got these text messages from my dad after my mother confessed he wasn’t actually my biological dad. I’m 31 years old and this is the first I knew of it.

How it all started

In this video, Frank shares his story with us because it says so much about our own story: the secrets we all have, that we’d never, ever tell anyone.


Share a secret, see a secret

Thanks for sharing your secret!

Can you imagine being handed a postcard on the street and being asked to ‘share your secret’. Would you ignore the person or take the invitation? Now is your chance to ponder and maybe share your secrets.