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    I can't read braille, but it seems to me that the dots here are: ⠋⠽⠄⠙⠩⠐⠉⠮⠁⠁⠮⠐⠅⠮⠁⠅⠡⠐⠗⠔⠐⠆⠒ ⠅⠦⠂⠙⠽⠐⠅⠩⠐⠑⠌⠐⠝⠡⠈⠡⠄⠅⠮⠁⠍⠡⠐ ⠍⠡⠐⠆⠒⠈⠚⠯⠂⠑⠪⠈⠊⠱⠂⠗⠷⠐⠅⠎⠐⠗⠥ ⠑⠡⠈⠗⠻⠄⠿⠂⠗⠌⠂⠃⠷⠐⠙⠮⠁⠫⠐⠙⠩⠐⠆ ⠒⠈⠡⠄⠁⠱⠂⠙⠷⠄⠕⠌⠐⠅⠧⠈⠅⠩⠐⠑⠌⠐⠕⠬ ⠛⠥⠂⠤ I take the furthest left and furthest right marks to be sprocket marks from the printer. According to abcbraille dot com's translator, this says fy'dsh"ctheaatheknowtheakchrightin";: k8,dyknowsheverstnamech·'ktheamuch" much"becc`jandeaeowìwhearofknowsrightu ech`rer'forearsteabofdaytheaeddaysh"; con·'awheadof'ostknowv`ksheverstoneing gu,- which is partly English words and partly gibberish. Can anyone get any further?

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    Some of the imprints that are not ABC/English look like they may be Hebrew Braille…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebrew_Braille#/media/File:Hebrew_Braille_chart.jpg

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