Settle Down

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    How unfair for a child to have to carry the emotions of a adult man. Be free, his decisions are his, and in no way determine your lovability. And I wish that I can also take this advice, because it's a challenge when you grow up feeling the need to prove your worth, and more so to break this habit as an adult dating.

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    My 'whys' are different, but the feeling is exactly the same.

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    Your lucky that he said I love you, my dad never told me he did. I was 27 when he died and it stills effects me. I'm 59 years old now..

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    Grateful. I never once had any doubt that my father loved me.

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    My father did not acknowledge my profession (Clinical Laboratory Technician) until he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. I am now older than my father when he died.

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