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    I'm sorry this happened to you. And also, same. Mine told me "we are going to put your college fund towards your sister, we think she will do better in college (than you)." I'm in grad school now. I wonder how much of where I am has to do with proving my father wrong about my worth.

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    I splurged and got all of my old home movies converted to digital. I am so glad that nine year old me got a Walkman for Christmas and was able to have her headphones on. So she did not have to hear the entire family making fun of her and saying cruel things about her.The ENTIRE family. Of course, it just reaffirmed where all of the wounds that adult me bears actually came from.

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    When I was a young teen I overheard my father tell someone that one of my sisters was his favorite. I never got over it, and I never felt worthy of love.

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