• The Early Days of PostSecret

    The Early Days of PostSecret

    Welcome to the first exhibition in the Digital Museum of Secrets! These postcards are the first ever mailed to PostSecret in 2004 and 2005. Do they look different visually? Are there common themes two decades later? How will the secret evolve two decades from today?

  • Fifty People One Question

    All transitions to be horizontal, so everything should come in left to right.Secondly, the full width sections (like Automatic spam detection on /features) appear to come in all at once. Is it possible to have the images just simply fade in, while the text fade and slide in from left to right like the globalRead More

  • Now “A Million Plus Secrets”

    This ten-minute TED Talk introduces the most extraordinary secrets I have ever received, along with some poignant and surprising stories. One takeaway: “Secrets are the currency of intimacy.”